Bizlions is an ed-tech platform. Along with the trendiest, it also delivers courses with skills that are much needed at the present times. It was established in the month of June year 2022 to bridge the gap between education and entrepreneurship, and it majorly focuses on those who want to upskill and become industry experts.

Bizlions offers an endless number of opportunities to its learners, such as upskilling their extent of knowledge, and guiding them in their career aspects. Moreover, it boosts your social media, which helps monetize the respective platforms.

Primarily there are four package, i.e., Elite , Standard , Pro and Ace Package with various courses .

Bizlions provides you the high-end commission, up to 85-90%, depending on your hard work

Yes! The affiliate link is only generated once you buy/enroll in our courses.

You can find Bizlions on the official website of the MCA(Ministry of corporate affairs) and you can check the registration details on the same.

Bizlions offers a wide range of skill-based courses: Affiliate Marketing Mastery , Lead Generation Mastery , Sales Closing Mastery , Instagram Mastery, Facebook Ads, NLP Mastery, Video Superstar, Spoken English and many more others.

There is no enrollment fee. You only have to pay for the course package you buy

Firstly, you can make money by enrolling in courses that allow you to monetizeyour skills. Bizlions courses boost your skills in a way that helps you in career growth. Another way is by enrolling yourself in our Affiliate Marketing Program, wherein you can sell the courses and earn about 85-90% commission from them.

Affiliate marketing is a program where a person makes a certain amount of commission in return for selling a company’s products or services to either generate more leads or convert these leads into customers. Unlike network marketing, the person who introduces leads to the product in affiliate marketing gets the commission. Whereas, in network marketing, every upline earns the commission in the chain.

It is only a one-time fee you’ve to pay for every bundle you buy and you get lifetime access to that course.